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Inspiria Science Center

Inspiria is primarily a science center, but it also contains a small exhibition of local inventions, where Clock No. 1 is found. Unfortunately it is not powered up, and put in a rather crowded setting, but it still is a beauty worth paying a visit.

Borgarsyssel Museum

Borgarsyssel museum of local history is the location of Clock No. 2 and 3, as well as the workshop and tools of Rasmus Sørnes. During 2013, the clocks are stored away while the building is being renovated.

The Clockmaker Rasmus Sørnes

This book, available from Borgarsyssel Museum, is written by Tor Sørnes, son of Rasmus Sørnes. The English translation could have used one more review, but nevertheless, it contains an interesting biography of Rasmus Sørnes and many photos and details about his four clocks.

ISBN 978-82-92989-00-5

The most complicated clock in the world

A video about Rasmus Sørnes, produced by Borgarsyssel Museum. Currently available in Norwegian only.

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